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If you have bats in the attic a live bat exclusion is the best method for removal. Get rid of bats without using poisons, sprays or kill traps. Follow the 4 step process when getting rid of bats from the attic and home. 

How to Get Rid of Bats From the Attic?

Brown Bats

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Looking for a poison free solution to wildlife control? Look no further. Or animal trapping and live exclusion methods are better than any other solution. We get rid of nuisance wildlife like mice, raccoons, squirrels and birds. 

If you hear scratching in the walls or ceiling you are most likely hearing bats. Between the months of June and September bats are most active. Even during the coldest months you will hear bats in the attic. 

Scratching in the Walls

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Welcome to batremovalgrandblancmi.com. Michigan Bat Control, Inc. a local company near the city of Grand Blanc, MI. We are a full service nuisance wildlife control company specializing in getting rid of bats from your attic, home, and building. We get rid of all nuisance animals from mice, squirrels, bats, raccoon's, birds, and others.